Benefits of Contour Body Wraps

Our Contour Body Wraps are inspired by century old beauty rituals…

Contour Body Wraps are the ‘joie de vivre’ for the whole body. The warmth of our Contour Body Wraps provides relaxation of the body, spirit and mind, whist treating the largest organ in the human body – your skin.

Body Wraps

  • Exfoliates and cleanses your skin
  • Illuminates tired and dull looking skin
  • Refreshing, relaxing and soothing
  • Is an ideal preparation for holidays or special occasions
  • Is very popular for Brides in preparation for their wedding

Made from exceptional ingredients sourced from nature…

  • Contains no harsh chemical ingredients
  • Cruelty free (no animal testing or bi products)
  • 100% Vegan, Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian
  • No talc, Synthetic Ingredients
  • No Parabens, Dyes or Synthetic Fragrances
  • No Nano particles or petroleum derivatives
  • No sulphates

Contour Body Wraps work by applying clay soaked contour wraps to the entire body starting from your heels all the way to your neck. During the treatment, you are wrapped up like a ‘Mummy’ from ancient times then snuggled up to keep warm. The pressure of the contour body wraps and the warmth of the clay solution provide optimal results.

Body Wraps Body Wraps

Purity Body Wraps provide in-home Body Wraps including our signature Inch Loss Body Wraps, Detox Body Wraps, Mineral Body Wraps, Cellulite Body Wraps and more. Enjoy a luxurious treatment at home such as a Seaweed Body Wrap or Contour Body Wrap, with our mobile Day Spa consultants. Book online or call today for an appointment.