Body Wraps & How it Works

Body wraps work to exfoliate, cleanse and rejuvenate your skin while moving those difficult to budge trouble spots…

The mineral clay solution used to soak the wraps draws out the bodies impurities through the pores of the skin. Combining the gentle pressure of the contouring mineral body wraps and the warm solution works to help cleanse your system. The toxins in your body are in turn flushed out through the aid of your lymphatic system. It is very important to drink water before and for several days after the wrap to help the cleansing process.

Toxins are produced from the breakdown of foods, fat and proteins as well as environmental sources. Lifestyle choices such as drinking, smoking and fatty foods also contribute to your toxic overload. When the skin and kidneys become overloaded, toxins are stored in the fluid between the fat cells. These are called interstitial fluids which means ‘between the fat cells’.

It Works Body Wraps

Purity Body Wraps provide in-home Body Wraps including our signature Inch Loss Body Wraps, Detox Body Wraps, Mineral Body Wraps, Cellulite Body Wraps and more. Enjoy a luxurious treatment at home such as a Seaweed Body Wrap or Contour Body Wrap, with our mobile Day Spa consultants. Book online or call today for an appointment.