Body Wrap Prices

Spoil yourself with an Indulgent Body Wrap

Purity Body Wraps comes to you – we offer an in-room or at home day spa experience. For consultant locations, please refer to our locations page.

Cellulite Body Wraps – $180 – 2 hours

Designed to target those specific areas that are difficult to budge with diet and exercise. Cellulite Body Wraps targets the thighs, buttocks and stomach area to leave these areas toned and firmed in just over an hour. Book Online or Contact Us.

Inch-Loss-Body-WrapSlimming Body Wraps – $180 – 2 hours

By far our most sought after body wrap, the Slimming Body Wrap guarantees that you will lose a minimum of 15 centimeters or your wrap is complimentary. The mineral clay works its magic to leave your skin toned and firm as well as reducing the toxin overload caused by stress, digestion and the environment. Book Online or Contact Us.

Detox Body Wraps – $180 – 2 hours

The Detox Body Wraps combines the benefits of the Slimming Wrap with Ear Candling for the complete Detoxification Experience. Perfect for those who need a complete detox. Great for those who would like some extra special pampering while being wrapped. Book Online or Contact Us.

Aloe Vera Body WrapAloe Vera Body Wraps – $220 – 2 hours

The Aloe Vera Body Wrap treatment combines the detoxifying effects of the Aloe Vera and Ear Candling. Aloe Vera is well known for its ability to enhance and heal the skin and can help to eliminate stretch marks and cellulite. Book Online or Contact Us.

Seaweed Body WrapAtlantic Kelp Body Wrap – $220 – 2 hours

The Seaweed Body Wrap treatment combines the detoxifying effects of Atlantic Kelp, Ear Candling and Head Massage. Atlantic Kelp is a powerful detoxifier making an excellent herbal skin care treatment. The skin readily absorbs the essential minerals that help to disperse local fatty deposits leaving you with soft, fresh and healthy looking skin. Book Online or Contact Us.

Deluxe-Body-WrapWeight Loss Body Wraps – $180 – 2 hours

Enjoy the reduced inches of the Slimming Body Wraps as well as additional skin polishing, pampering and moisturising, all in the comfort of your own home. Book Online or Contact Us.

Purity Body Wraps provide in-home Body Wraps including our signature Inch Loss Body Wraps, Detox Body Wraps, Mineral Body Wraps, Cellulite Body Wraps and more. Enjoy a luxurious treatment at home such as a Seaweed Body Wrap or Contour Body Wrap, with our mobile Day Spa consultants. Book online or call today for an appointment.